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  • Kids Martial Arts in Champaign - Kokushi Midwest Judo - Testing Yourself

    Testing Yourself

    Most people think that competing in a tournament is something that they would never do. I never thought I could do it. But there is nothing like the nervousness when you see your name up on the board, or the jelly that your legs become when you step onto the mat with someone wanting to crush you on the other side or the blood rushing out of your head when the referee yells, "HAJIME!". There is a bit of tranquility when all you can hear is your heart pounding in your chest, the feeling of your opponent grabbing you and instant sweat that starts pouring from your face. There is no other way to put yourself and your skills to the test. Due to all the craziness of my husband's schedule and ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Champaign - Kokushi Midwest Judo - Kids at Judo

    Kids at Judo

    Our kids' program is slowly growing and I couldn't be happier with this group of kids. They all work hard together as a team by helping each other out and encouraging each other as their skills develop. We work a lot on our foundations of knowing how to safely fall as well as developing much needed endurance, stamina, co-ordination. We do one or two "judo matches" per class and there is no winner/loser in our matches. If someone is thrown, we compliment them on their falling technique. If someone is doing the throwing, we make sure we encourage the pulling/pushing as well as the proper throwing technique. Sometimes we will circle up and I'll have each child demonstrate their best ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Champaign - Kokushi Midwest Judo - Shinjiro Sasaki Recap

    Shinjiro Sasaki Recap

    We had a great time with Shinjiro Sasaki this past weekend. He went over several foot techniques such as osoto-otosh, deashi barai, okuri ashi harai, tsubami gaeshi, uchimata and kouchi gari. It may seem like a lot, but he said that if we just found one technique that would improve our judo, then it was a successful clinic. We were honored to have several people make the trek to Champaign -- people from Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan and other parts of Illinois. We hope they come back to visit soon. ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Champaign - Kokushi Midwest Judo - IJF Academy Level 2

    IJF Academy Level 2

    I have just returned from spending a grueling week in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic completing the IJF Academy's Level 2 course. Upon completion of this course, I am now a Level 5 European Coach. We spent the week under the guidance of Daniel Lascau (1991 World Champion from Romania), Mark Huizinga (3x Olympic Gold Medalist from the Netherlands) and Mikihiro Mukai (Kodokan Kata specialist). Throughout the week, the faculty was a little intimidating but they were very supportive throughout the whole process.Each day consisted of 6hrs on the mat (3 in the morning and 3 in the afternoon). There were 8 Americans and about 20 Dominicans (many of whom I completed Level 1 with). The first ....

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  • Kids Martial Arts in Champaign - Kokushi Midwest Judo - The Importance of Falling

    The Importance of Falling

    This post is taken from Vince Skillcorn's Facebook page. It talks about the importance of learning how to fall. Do you have children or know people who take part in Judo classes? Have you seen people being thrown around the room and think "that looks painful." ... and yet the person who has just been thrown jumps straight back up and tries to do the same thing to the other person. Judo is great fun and to be able to throw somebody around the room requires everyone taking part to know how to fall safely this is called 'Ukemi' in Japanese. This is very important for beginners to learn for the obvious safety reason (reducing concussion's and broken bones), from the very first class. ....

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  • New Year, New You!

    Happy 2019! Since it is a new year, why not think about trying something new like judo?? Judo is one of the world's most popular sports (behind soccer!), and anybody (believe me, ANYBODY!) can do judo. It's a sport that you can customize to fit the way your body functions. There are so many different throws in judo (from hip throws to foot sweeps to sacrifice techniques) that you can pick just a handful of them, and perfect them over time. Yes, I do want you to learn ALL the throws, but why not choose a handful to specialize in? Judo is for everybody -- from the shy, bookwork kid to the stay-at-home mom to the Carle employees to the high school wrestler in the off-season to the ....

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  • Holiday Training Schedule

    Hey Everyone, Welcome to our new website! We are super excited about it as it is supposed to boost our rankings on search engines such as Google and Yahoo. So please, if you are training with us or have trained with us, a positive Google Review and a Facebook Review will always serve us well! As the holidays are approaching, there are a few days that we won't be able to train. So in light of that, here is our schedule as of right now. There are NO SATURDAY KID CLASSES for the next 3 weeks. We will resume them on December 29th.
    There will be no official adult or kid classes from December 19th - 25th.
    There will be no class on January 1.
    Until then, get on the mat and train!! ....

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    Welcome To Our New Website! We’re Proud To Serve Champaign with Kids Martial Arts!
    At Kokushi Midwest Judo, we are working hard to go above and beyond for every person who walks through our doors. And you could be next!
    We are offering Champaign a hands-on approach to Kids Martial Arts. And you don’t need any prior experience to succeed! Come visit us at Kokushi Midwest Judo and see for yourself what makes us the best Kids Martial Arts facility in town. Just fill out the "Request Information" form on the side of the page and stop in for a visit today!
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