On hold for now

On hold for now

Due to the extraordinary circumstances of our world today, all in-person classes are on hold until further notice.  

We have just opened our Virtual Dojo where you can go through solo exercises and workouts on your own.  You can also learn basic judo terminology and history.   There's even a section for kids.  We will also be having modified Zoom-Judo classes in the week.  Let's adapt and see where this new world will take us. 

For starters, please download the Spark Member App to access the virtual dojo.  All members should already have access to them.    I'll send out a link for our first virtual class soon.

We also have limited edition Tshirts that are available from Weiskamp Printing in Champaign.   They're $20 each and are available in all sizes, in 3 colors.  $7 goes to the dojo, $4 goes to the workers of the print shop and the rest goes towards production costs.   We've put a spin on our popular Eat, Throw, Love, Judo shirts... by adding a SUPPORT in there.  You can get them here:  KMJ Limited Edition Tshirt    https://stores.weiskamp.com/shop_weiskamp/shop/product-detail/1003441

If you are new to judo, if you buy the Tshirt, you will get a coupon for access to the dojo at $50.   That's $35 off the regular cost.... so it's like getting a Tshirt for free, plus $10 off!

We are seeing if this new situation will help us.  Virtual judo might become a thing for people who aren't crazy about the thought of being thrown or falling.  Anyways, again, thank you for your support and
I look forward to seeing you all soon.

Thank you,

Grace Talusan



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