Kids Martial Arts Classes In Champaign

Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Offer Fun Judo Training For All Ages!

If you're looking for a great way to keep your child active, help them build character, and prepare them for all aspects of life, come see us today at Kokushi Midwest Judo in Champaign!

We are helping students as young as 5 years old have fun learning new skills in a safe, supportive environment. Our Kids Martial Arts program focuses primarily on the skills of strategies of Judo. Our instructors offer hands-on coaching each and every day!

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What Makes Our Kids Martial Arts Program Right For Your Child? 

At Kokushi Midwest Judo, our goal every day is to set students up for success in everything they do. Our Kids Martial Arts program uses the Judo discipline to help students challenge their bodies and learn something new every day.

We work with students of all experience levels, beginning first with basic techniques like safely falling and rolling before moving on to simple pins and throws.

We're helping students all across Champaign:

  • Develop incredible balance and coordination
  • Improve their speed and agility
  • Learn effective self-defense and conflict resolution skills
  • Build confidence in everything they do

PLUS, We're Offering So Much More Than Just Physical Success

Let's face it: the kids in our program come for the high-energy training and physical development. But as a parent, we know you're looking for so much more than just improved athleticism.

You want your child to excel in the classroom and in their social life and be prepared for whatever life throws their way.

Our Kids Martial Arts classes are helping students all across Champaign: 

  • Learn leadership and teamwork skills
  • Build courage and confidence
  • Develop respect and discipline
  • Establish habits of hard work and perseverance

Try It Out Today! Our Kids Martial Arts Classes Are Great For Every Child In Champaign

Give your child a boost today! Our Kids Martial Arts classes at Kokushi Midwest Judo are perfect for students of all ages and backgrounds. We work hard to help every child thrive and we can't wait for your child to be next!

Come see us in Champaign or fill out the short form on your screen to learn more!

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