Socially distanced judo

Socially distanced judo

As Illinois enters Phase 4, we are cautiously deciding on what is safe for all of our students.  During the shutdown, we continued with online zoom classes, inviting clinicians from all over the world.  We had the voice of judo, Neil Adams conduct our first clinic, which was no less than amazing.  He emphasized the basics and fundamentals.  Both he and his wife, Niki were a riot to work with.  Not only was this open to our supportive students throughout the shutdown, but people from all over the country entered our virtual dojo.   It was a great time to share judo.   Our next clinician was from Japan -- Michihiro Omigawa, a Japanese MMA fighter and former National team member.  Again, people from all over the country were able to share this amazing experience as he went through his exercises and showed us his favorite technique -- yoko tomoe nage.  

We will slowly transition back onto the mat, but still run our virtual classes so that people can share judo, no matter where they are.   If you're interested in online classes, just fill out the form, and I'll get back to you.  Live classes are by reservation only (4 people on the mat), please contact me if you are interested.

See you all soon!

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