Judo During a Pandemic

Judo During a Pandemic

In the midst of the pandemic, we have sort of figured out how to run in-person classes again.  It's a little bit different -- even though I can't see their smiling faces or the toothless grins of the 6year olds, I have come to recognize "Happy Eyes".... their cheek bones raise and their eyes light up.   They say the eyes are the window to the soul, and it is so true.   All of the kids have to have a mask on as do the parents (despite vaccination status).  I want to show the kids that we are all in this together and we'll work as a team until they are able to be vaccinated.   The kids still get a workout in and they've gotten used to working out in their masks.... I, on the other hand, have not.  I get winded if I play tag with them or keep my pace pretty slow when we do randori --- yes, some of the kids can out last me.   We play games that utilize judo skills and we get our general knowledge down through judo trivia --- two people stand at the front, and they have to answer one of my trivia questions, if they get it right, they get to throw the loser.   We've also learned how to do fun randori -- there's some type of handicap during the round... either hopping on one leg, or one hand on, or using only one throw..... it focusses in on things more and the kids have a bit more fun with it.   We've adjusted for the better.  

Our adults are also back training -- but vaccination is required, no exceptions.  We must take care of each other -- that's Dr. Kano's main principle. So everyone understands - they stay home when they don't feel well and they mask up if I tell them too.   It's worked well so far, and we are above pre-pandemic numbers .... so we're doing something right!

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