Kokushi Midwest Judo Reviews

Excellent & experienced coach, training partners of all sizes and skill levels, and a top notch facility. Enjoyed my time there and hope to come back soon!

Emily L.

Its fun, a great way to get into shape and build your confidence up.

Ernest E.

Kokushi Midewest Judo provided a positive and active learning environment where my son felt free to be himself while also getting a feel for respect and awareness for others and his teacher.  We have recently moved and had to leave the class but would definitely join right back in if we ever moved back and would also highly recommend this class to any child in the area.

Adam R.

I trained at this dojo for almost 2 years when I lived in Champaign, and it was of the best training experiences I've had in my martial arts career. Classes were well-run and a lot of fun, and I always got a great workout during practice. Plus, there are sprung floors. This is a top-notch facility with a seasoned, professional coach/sensei. Highly recommended.

Ben S.

How are you guys only open for an hour on Wednesday, I wanted to beat my teacher who is a judo master, but if you guys are only open for 1 hour on a gosh dang Wednesday how can I raise these little children into fighting masters? How can I beat my monster teacher? I will never give you guys my business. love you guys 

Wesley H.

Kids Martial Arts Champaign

This is an outstanding school. People of all ages are welcomed. The instructor is a 2nd degree black belt who is very friendly, knowledgeable, and caring. The school is a safe (wonderful mats) and clean environment.

Lew S.

My son absolutely loved his time in class. Grace is an amazing instructor, she made sure the classes where fun but challenging. I enjoyed watching the children as they learned.  There was never a dull moment. When I asked my son what he would say about his judo classes he said "I would say they were the best!

Ashley B.

I miss this dojo! Everyone here really makes you feel welcome, and it's a really great choice to learn Judo!  Grace does an amazing job and the brand new facilities are excellent!  I no longer live in the area but I'll be coming back any time I get a chance.

Nathan W.

Kids Martial Arts Champaign

Great Judo instruction and a beautiful facility to train in.

Natalie H.

Kids Martial Arts Champaign

This Champaign judo club is the very best. It is taught by a two time World Champion, 2nd degree black belt. But don’t let that scare you. It is very gentle instruction. You will soon fall in love with the training. Great, kind, and pleasant students. It was great fun and I would highly recommend it to beginners and advance students. Very clean building with changing rooms. Absolutely, the safest, most comfortable mats in the world. I give it an A+ over any place I have trained.

Lew S.

Kids Martial Arts Champaign

Grace has a vision of what judo is. She has enough character, strength, tenacity and discipline to make this a great club in C-U. Off to an amazing start!

Jim P.

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