Adult Promotions

Adult Promotions

Congratulations to our four adult members who promoted this past week.   Over the course of three nights, they demonstrated throws, pins, escapes, chokes, joint locks, transitions, combinations, kata, ukemi and a general knowledge test.   I've been to dojos where testing is a grueling three hours, and by the end you are just brain-dead.  I changed it up, and we did throws one night, ground techniques another night and kata on another night.  I threw in a few curve balls to the upper ranks, but they all took it in stride.   We tested for about 30minutes each night and randori'd the rest of the night.  It took off a lot of pressure and we all helped each other through it.  I'm proud of them.   

Congratulations to Earnest who promoted to Sankyu (3rd brown), Travis to Green, Paris to Orange and Victor to Yellow.



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