Summer Vacation

Summer Vacation

The school year is just coming to a close, and our youngest judoka are ready for their summer adventures.  Some kids will hang out here for the summer, some will do some traveling and some might even move away (sad emoji!) .  All of us at Kokushi Midwest Judo wish our kids the best of luck on their adventures for the summer and hope that they come back to us once school starts up.   

Unlike most sports, judo is year-round, so we will continue training on our usual schedule. We will take a dojo-wide vacation (August 1-20th).  Tuition will be pro-rated.

 We will be doing a judo kids' camp from June 24-28th --- this is a first of its kind for us, but I know for sure that no judo gi is required.   The kids will learn basic falling technique -- or spend the week refining them and we will be really focussing in on our agility, balance and co-ordination skills.  This is important for any age.   I find that adults are really bad at balance.... and they also don't bounce as well.   Kids have lots of resilience, tenacity and enjoy just play fighting.  But anyway, our kids' judo camp should be a great time for all.  Sign up on the website and give your kids the opportunity to learn something new this summer.

At the end of our kids' class, I reminded them that no matter where they go in the world, if they manage to find a judo dojo, they will ALWAYS have a family.   That is one of the many joys that I've discovered in judo --- no matter what city I go to or what country I'm in, if I find a judo dojo, I will always have a couch to crash on, a good story to tell, a friend to randori with and dojo to call home.

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