New Year, New You!

Happy 2019!   Since it is a new year, why not think about trying something new like judo??

Judo is one of the world's most popular sports (behind soccer!), and anybody (believe me, ANYBODY!) can do judo.   It's a sport that you can customize to fit the way your body functions.  There are so many different throws in judo (from hip throws to foot sweeps to sacrifice techniques) that you can pick just a handful of them, and perfect them over time.   Yes, I do want you to learn ALL the throws, but why not choose a handful to specialize in?

Judo is for everybody -- from the shy, bookwork kid to the stay-at-home mom to the Carle employees to the high school wrestler in the off-season to the college engineering freshman, judo is truly an all-emcompassing sport!!

We have one of the best and SAFEST facilities in Illinois -- a sprung floor equipped with FUJI mats!  

If you have read this far in the blog, mention this blog and we will give you this special offer -- for the NEW STUDENT -- buy a gi from us on your first day ($55), and get the first month of tuition on us!  That's a $100 value!!

Don't forget that Shinjiro Sasaki will be coming to Kokushi Midwest Judo on March 1st, 2019 for a spring seminar on foot sweeps.  He is one of the most technical players in the US right now.... an opportunity not to be missed.  You can find more information by clicking through the menu!

See you on mats,

Grace Talusan



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