Our Black Belts

Daisuke Takeda

6th degree black belt

Daisuke Takeda began his training at the Shizunai Judo Junior-Sports Club in 1967. He earned his Rokudan (sixth-degree blackbelt) from Kodokan Judo Institute in 2020. During his nearly sixth decades of training Judo, he has led his university, high-school, and middle-school Judo teams as a captain and has taught in the Shizunai Judo Junior-sports Club, Shizunai Judo Federation (as a  Vice President), Sapporo Chuo Judo Club, and other Judo clubs and teams in Hokkaido, Japan. He was also a designated instructor in the middle school Judo curriculum in the city of Shinhidaka between 2012 and 2014. 
In 2004, he was awarded a Sports Achievement Award from the the Shizunai Physical Education Association, and in 2005, Sports Encouragement Award from the Department of Education of the City of Shizunai (now Shinhidaka) for his contribution to the promotion of Judo and physical education in the community. 

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