Kokushi Midwest Judo is a place where people come to study the art of Judo.  It is one of the world's most popular sports.  We teach you how to safely fall and then start teaching the basic throws, pins, and submissions. We build confidence and discipline in a fun and safe environment.  

Everyone is welcome to train with us, despite age, race, gender, background, etc.  

We are very active within the Midwest judo community, but competition is not mandatory.    We host several clinics throughout the year and are often visited by high level judoka as they pass through town.   Judo is not about winning medals, but more of learning and education.


Why train with us?

  • We have just opened a state of the art dojo, complete with Fuji Mats and a sprung floor, allowing for the softest fall from the hardest throws!  We have plenty of seating, bright windows, 2 dressing rooms and have gis in stock.      
  • Our mats are cleaned every night, so you don't have to worry about training on dirty mats.
  • Our Sensei is one of THREE women in the US to have completed the IJF Instructor course. 
  • We are the only USJF/USA Judo sanctioned club in the Champaign-Urbana area. 


We will be welcoming two of the most decorated women in judo history. 

Sensei Eiko Shepherd is one of the highest ranking women in the world today.   She is a kata expert and will be showing us how kata teaches you the basic principles of judo and how it translates to randori.   She will be showing how "Nage No Kata" and "Katame No Kata" work in conjunction with each other -- in other words, transitions from standing technique to ground technique.

Sensei Amarilis Savon is the one of the most decorated women in judo history at 52kg for Cuba.   She has won Olympic bronze three times, and Pan-American gold and World Championship gold.  

Mat fee: $50 for the day

If you are interested in trying out a free class or would like more information, please visit the CONTACT page